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Class Descriptions

Kinder Dance

Kinder Dance is a program which has been tailor-made for three and four year olds to develop fine and gross motor skills. It is an introduction to dance, incorporating basic body awareness, musicality and free movement. There is an emphasis on fun! It is an excellent introduction to ballet for the pre-schooler. 


Ballet classes are based on the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) syllabus, with an emphasis on preparing for examinations.  Creative movement is incorporated into all levels, which enables the student to move freely and to discover their own unique sense of style. Character dance is incorporated at the Grade 1 level, which gives students the opportunity to study the rich history ballet offers. Ballet training begins at age five (Pre-Primary) and continues to advanced levels. Each grade has been created to fit the age and abilities of the student.

Jazz - Kidz, Junior, Intermediate, Senior

Jazz classes incorporate the most contemporary and innovative styles, such as modern, lyrical, funk and Latin. There is an emphasis on proper technique, stretch and strength in the warm-up and across the floor work, while combinations work on interpretation. Classes begin at age five, and continue through to advanced levels.  Jazz Levels beginner to advanced, and Adult Jazz classes are available.

Hip Hop - Kidz, Junior, Intermediate

Hip Hop classes are geared toward the dancer who wants to learn and explore the latest dance trends in music videos and movies. It is a high energy class which focuses mainly on style, attitude and performance. 

Acro - Kidz, Junior, Intermediate

Acro is a combination of jazz dance and gymnastics skills.  It is taught on the gymnastics floor area of the DanceMakers Gymnastics facility.  Students have the opportunity to learn basic tumbling skills, leaps & jumps, as well as lifts and partner work, which is all set to music.  Beginner to Intermediate levels are offered.

Contemporary - Intermediate & Senior

Contemporary is a class for intermediate and advanced dancers who are striving to learn modern dance skills such as fall and recovery, contractions, spirals, and pitching.  It combines modern and jazz techniques with ballet fundamentals, while emphasizing artistic expression and unique choreography.  Previous dance experience is required.


  Dancenastics allows students to discover the basics of dance in the studio, and the basics of gymnastics in the gymnastics facility.  It is an excellent introduction to both disciplines! For ages 2-4.


Our pre-competitive and competitive dance team is by invite only. This team prepares year round to represent the studio at 3+ competitions per year.  Interested in joining our team? Contact our studio director, Mijka Hooper.

Ninja - Kidz

Ninja classes are a gymnastics based program where students do 'ninja' type skills while learning tumbling, balance and agility.

Class Schedule

The class schedule is posted in Adobe PDF format for easy printing.

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